June 24, 2024

Five Common Car Battery Problems

You know how important your car battery is for your car to operate smoothly. It is responsible for starting your car and for the lights to work properly. Even though you might have been taking care of your car by cleaning it regularly, battery problems can arise at any point in time. And for most car owners, they are a cause of constant worry.

Since they consist of a number of chemical and components, they are highly susceptible to damages and leaks. The irony is most car owners do not know what to do in case they run through a car battery problem in the middle of a journey. Your car might not start, or it may break down, and you will be left wondering what to do. It is important to know that there are different kinds of car battery problems. The experts have listed the five most common car battery problems below.

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Leaving the Lights On

Newer models come with the ‘follow’ function that switches off lights after a few seconds even if the light is turned on after the engine is switched off. This, however, is not true for older models. Quite frankly, the reason most people run into a flat battery problem is that they forget to switch off an electrical equipment. This can quickly drain your car’s battery.


Excessively cold weather is an outright enemy of car batteries. In cold weather, an adverse reaction takes place within car batteries which makes charging slow and it takes time for your car to start. In some cases, car batteries can get completely discharged as well. That calls for jumpstarting your car.

Loose Connection

Often, after the car has undergone a repair, car owners complain of a drained battery. This happens due to lose connections. The cables might not be connected properly with the battery ports. This might lead to sparks if the cables are not tightly coiled around the ports. If there is no connection, your car might not start at all.

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Car battery ports are made of metal and metal is prone to corrosion. When corrosion happens, it weakens the contact with the wires. This is quite similar to a loose connection. The power won’t reach from the battery to the start due to the layer of corrosion that develops on the ports.

Alternator Issues

When the alternator goes bad, your car will start, you will be able to drive for a minute, say, and then the car will stop. Your car’s battery isn’t generating enough power to start your car.

Car battery problems can be frustrating. You can visit us now if you are looking for a good car battery manufacturers in Dubai.

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