June 24, 2024

Common Questions About Office 365 Answered Here

Microsoft Office, one of the most popular suites used worldwide, is at present being utilized by over 2 billion people. In today’s date and time, everyone is using this tool, be it write and edit documents, send emails, conduct virtual meetings, and prepare presentations amongst others. Over thousands of organizations rely on this tool, but there is however, more to is, than just the uses mentioned above.

Whether you plan on benefitting from this cloud-based service, or simply have the need to understand about this omnipresent yet frequently underestimated package of digital resources, read on as we’re going to address some of the commonly asked questions regarding the office 365 UAE.

Company Grow

How Will It Help My Company Grow?

An organization that encompasses great tools for productivity will also notice a spike in productivity amongst employees. It allows effective communication, and ensures more tasks are completed. With the suite, various activities such as sourcing data, planning, organizing, and processing data are as easy as pie. It ensures that your focus towards admin tasks are reduced drastically, further allowing you to give undivided attention to the main aspects of your company.

How Will My Business Benefit from It?

Microsoft is known to offering its users with software such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Calendar and more for over thirty years. When it comes to businesses however, using this suite is a different ball game altogether, as it offers much more than just spreadsheet editing or using Word. Whereas the main apps provide you with the required resources to carry out everyday operations, and they have definitely grown to a wide range of smart resources that enable organizations to be more competitive and efficient. And with the availability of many customized plans, both SMEs and corporate can access it easily.

Business Benefit Office 365

How Is It Different from The Older Edition?

As a subscription-based service, which ensures users often pay a fee per month, as opposed to purchasing a copy of the suite directly at a one-time, up-front rate. This way users have easy access to the latest versions, where Microsoft automatically updates the software. On-site users, on the other hand, would have to purchase a new version each time. Since its cloud-based, certain plans allow the desktop edition with online access along with a range of features that weren’t available earlier. Further, you don’t necessarily have to manually install additional software or maintain it in order for it to stay operational.

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