April 20, 2024

Car Rental Rules in Dubai That You Need to Know

Renting out a car is the best option, compared to buying one. It is convenient, affordable, and importantly, hassle-free. However, before you jump into your Speedy Drive car rental, some rules need to adhere. Nothing intense or complicated, just simple regulations to ensure a better experience for you and the car rental provider. Below are some of the rules that you need to know.

Security Deposit for Car Rental

You Need to Submit a Security Deposit

When you consider hiring a car, you should be aware of the rental plans and the security deposit. Depending on the vehicle you rent, you may be required to deposit anything from AED 1000 to as high as AED 10,000.

When asked for a deposit, make sure you use a credit card for a pre-authorized transaction. It is essential, firstly, because of the road and transport authority (RTA) In UAE advises against cash deposits. Secondly, a pre-authorized payment has insurance protection for unauthorized transactions.

 The Customer Must have proper Documentation

The cardinal rule of anyone wishing to drive a car on UAE roads is to have a valid driving license. As a resident of the UAE, you can get your driving license after successfully passing your driving test. Also, converting the home country’s driving license is applicable in addition to availing your identity card. For tourists, a passport and an international driving license will get you a rented car in Dubai for the duration of your stay. Further, one can use their home driving license that has been approved by the road and transport authority (RTA) In UAE.

Age Limit Rules is Applicable

To be considered eligible to hire a car in the emirates, one must be aged 21 years and above. However, to drive any light vehicle, one needs to be 18 years older. Additionally, for heavy commercial vehicles, the age limit is set at 25. The reason why car rental services are restricted to persons aged 21 years and above is because of insurance companies. Many insurance companies won’t pay for any damages incurred by any car that was found to be driven by a person below 21 years old.

Applicable Payments and Fines

When you rent a car, just because it’s not yours don’t for once get a thought that you have autonomy on the roads or get away with breaking traffic rules. You still need to obey traffic rules and regulations as an ordinary car driver would. Any fines that you incur when driving the car will most automatically levy against the car rental company. However, don’t forget that’s why you have a security deposit in place. The same is deducted from your security deposit. So, don’t break any rules, take good care of the car, and you will not face any deductions in terms of payments for damages or fines.

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