Singer 8500Q Review: Tradition Meets Cutting-Edge Technology

Singer 8500Q Review

Singer is the most iconic manufacturer of sewing machines, which is what guarantees the quality and durability of their products. One of their best sewing and quilting machines is the 8500Q, which comes with a number of useful features and a very powerful motor. On top of that, its price is fairly reasonable, especially considering the amount of quality that comes with this product. This makes it a great choice both for those who make it a living out of sewing, but also for those who are newbies in this kind of practice.

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Singer 8500Q Features

The model comes with a SwiftSmart system for threading. It features an automatic needle threader which will make the job easier for you. All you got to do is move the thread from the spool to the needle, through only one groove. At the end, you only need to press the threading lever and you’re ready to start doing your work. Another useful feature is the one that allows stopping the needle in the top or the bottom position, depending on what are you planning to do next. You can leave the needle up if you want to remove the fabric, while if your choice is pivoting, and simply leave it down.

The unit comes with a number of useful features that can make the work much easier. One of those is the automatic stitch selector, which has 215 different stitches to offer. On top of that, it also comes with 6 automatic buttonholes. Other automatic features of 8500Q include a bobbin thread pick-up and a presser foot sensor.

Apart from being great when it comes to its performances, the device is also very convenient. Its extension table allows you to have 25 inches of sewing space, meaning that you can easily handle large projects. On top of that, it features LED lights which will help you do a precision work.

When it comes to the durability of this item, you got nothing to worry about it. Not only are products manufactured by Singer known for their quality, the company also gives a 25-year warranty on this product. This means that if you are a professional sewer, the 8500Q is your perfect investment. On the other hand, if you are a newbie, this machine will surely make you fall in love with sewing.


Singer Corporation has been around for more than one and a half century. In fact, this is one of the most iconic American companies ever and has a special place in the world’s history. The reason is that their sewing machines have been used extensively all over the world. What makes them great is that since the mid-19th century, they have been making the lives of seamstresses easier.

The same is true for this model, which is a powerful machine that comes with many useful features, which will save your time and help you produce better work. On top of everything, it is reasonably priced, considering how awesome it is.

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