Juki HZL-F600 Review: Makes Sewing a Children’s Game

Juki HZL-F600 Review

If you are looking for a machine that provides you a lot of power and flexibility plus the added advantage of being able to computerize jobs that you do repetitiously, then the Juki HZL-F600 is the ideal machine for you. This unit comes with a computerized setting that allows contains 255 preset patterns that can automatically be stitched for you. These include letters of the alphabet and numbers, as well as decorative designs and utility settings. In addition to this, you can add other features that go beyond the 255 that come with the machine. It is truly remarkable to say the least.

Four different font settings come with the model.

You will find that it provides some of the best and most high quality button hole styles on the market for a machine, with 16 different types being provided. These range from 8 wide all the way to 12-1/4 long, which is four larger than what most standard machines would offer in terms of workspace. A truly great machine for sure.

Juki HZL-F600 Features

  • Weighing in at 25.4 pounds, making it easy to transport and make portable. This is a very durable device that can handle frequent machines without doing any damage to the computerized system of the machine.
  • 255 preset patterns already programmed into the sewing machines. Included are all the letters of the English alphabet, numbers, and common characters (like $, @, &, !), plus several decorative designs that are commonly used.
  • The ability to upgrade and add different designs that are easily integrated within the machine’s computerized system. You can also purchase the character sets of other countries, to include Arabic, Japanese, and others, all which can be used on the model.
  • Programmable settings make it easier to complete repetitious jobs. If you needed to add a certain logo or design on many different shirts or other garments, this quilting machine is tailor made to help you to accomplish their goals.
  • The LCD is a large display window (33mm by 66mm). This makes pattern selection easier than ever.
  • The unit offers a large and wide work surface, making it easier to control and get work done faster. With a workspace of 8 inches wide by 12-1/4, this is about four inches larger than what you would find on most other machines. It is one of the things that users really love about it.
  • Have many of the standard features that people love on traditional machines.


While this is a great machine on its own, the computerized features make this ideal for any person who does a lot of repetitious work. The unit handles these kinds of jobs for you and does them accurately every time. No need to be slaving over a machine tediously performing a task when this machine automates the process for you.

Many who do sewing as a profession are finding that they simply cannot live without. The ability to do lettering automatically makes it a great buy for sure.

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