Janome MC7700QCP Review: An Innovative & Advanced Home Machine

Janome MC7700QCP Review

The Janome MC7700QCP is one of the fancier machines that you can get, primarily because of its ability to adapt to the work that you are looking to complete. Its Automatic Plate Converter (APC) is able to adjust to the kind of fabric, its texture, and the hole needed to complete the stitching, ensuring that the fabric does not get damaged during the sewing process. This feature is not all.

The model comes with a whole host of other features, including allowing you to set special angle marks, adding needle drop lines and using cornering guides. The Superior Plus Feed System (SFS+) is a seven-piece feed that moves parallel to the line of the needle plate. This is done in unison as the fabric is pulled past the needle. This is an exclusive design technology of Janome, which greatly increases the amount of surface area that is in direct contact with the fabric as it is being worked on. If you combine this technology with the professional grade-good AcuFeed System that works to pull all of these different pieces together, you will see that you get the best possible work completed that looks so professional that it is beyond words.

The machine is a champ at handling any kind of material and providing a professional looking job that holds together well. It does not matter if you are using more difficult kinds of fabric, like suede, leather, or laminate, this device can do the job and do it so that you get the kind of look you desire.

Janome MC7700QCP Key Points

  • It is one of the most innovative and technologically advanced innovations that makes this model one of the best sewing and quilting machines ever designed. This technology also gives you great flexibility to allow your mind to wander. You will be amazed at how creative you can with the Memory Craft. It will let your mind truly explore on the fabric.
  • The workspace is the largest of any machine that is in its class and technology such as the Superior Plus Feed System and the AcuFeed System make it the most accurate model on the market for getting jobs completed right every time.
  • The need plate markings ensure that you get the perfect precision guide you need every time. You can easily adjust the device on the fly to switch to the straight stitch needle plate or to gain complete control to perform free motion tasks.
  • You receive a free bonus kit that comes with a ditch quilting foot, open toe foot, clearview quilt foot, narrow base zipper foot, and many more. It is a great bargain that comes with a 14 needle pack and a 16 needle pack.


This is an expensive item, costing around $2,000, but the work you can do on it is absolutely some of the best that anyone could ask for. You will be able to get the work done, you desire in no time and with the most professional look around.

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