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Janome Jem Gold 660 Review: Lightweight But With Superb Features

Janome Jem Gold 660 Review

In the recent couple of years old fashioned sewing machines became popular. Machines like the iconic Singer Featherweight are again in trend, not because they can do a good work, but because they’re lightweight. It’s all because hobbyists learning to sew find it difficult to┬ábring heavy modern-day machines to the classes. With that in mind, Janome came up with the… Read more »

Janome MC-6300P Review: The Perfect Investment for Pro Quilters

Janome MC-6300P Review

Janome MC-6300P is far from being an ordinary sewing machine. In fact, because it’s computerized, it’s meant for all kinds of heavy-duty sewing work. Buying this item will ensure you that you can deal with anything from doing garments to making quilts. Memory Craft 6300P is an ideal model for professionals, which justifies its price.

Janome MC7700QCP Review: An Innovative & Advanced Home Machine

Janome MC7700QCP Review

The Janome MC7700QCP is one of the fancier machines that you can get, primarily because of its ability to adapt to the work that you are looking to complete. Its Automatic Plate Converter (APC) is able to adjust to the kind of fabric, its texture, and the hole needed to complete the stitching, ensuring that the fabric does not get damaged during the sewing process. This feature is not all.