Brother XR3774 Review: Newbies Will Fall in Love With This Model

Brother XR3774 Review

This sewing machine was made so that it can tackle all kinds of work, from making stitches and quilts to sewing buttonholes. It’s powerful, easy to use, and the best of all – very cheap. In fact, Brother XR3774 is one of the cheapest models you can find today. That makes it ideal for those who are starting their sewing voyage. However, because it comes with a number of superb features, this unit is not only meant for amateurs, but professionals as well.

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Features of Brother XR3774

What makes this item great for beginners is that it will make you fall in love with stitching as it makes this work easy and fun. With this model, you don’t have to make your own stitching patterns, as it has 37 of them built-in. All you got to do is choose the right one by using the buttons and the LCD screen. The same goes for 1-step buttonhole automated stitches, which is also simple to pick.

People from the Brother Company realize that sewing can be made easier with the use of proper presser feet. That is why they included 8 of them in this one. The 8 presser feet include the button sewing presser foot, blind stitch, narrow hammer, foot for quilting, walking, zipper, buttonhole and zigzag. Another feature that will make sewing easier for you is the top drop-in bobbin. Because of its design, this feature prevents jamming, which will make your work much faster.

So far, we have discussed the features of this machine that make it fun to use. Now it’s time to talk about those that will make your work comfortable. In order to help you deal with large-scale projects easily, this model has an extra-wide table and plenty of sewing space to the right of the needle. On top of that, XR3774 also allows you to work at night, that is, in low light conditions. It’s because this machine has powerful LED lamps installed, which will help you focus on the work.

Not only is it fun and easy to use, it’s also very durable. In fact, same as any other Brother product, this one is also expected to serve you well for years. That is why it comes with a limited warranty of 25 years for mechanical parts. Still, even if didn’t have such great warranty period, the machine would again be our recommendation due to the fact that it is fairly affordable.


If you are a beginner in the world of sewing and don’t want to risk spending too much cash, but still want to get the perks of an expensive machine, you need to consider getting a Brother XR3774. It has everything you can wish for from a beginners’ machine. It’s easy to use, comes with lots of interesting features and on top of everything, its price is pretty affordable. If all of this wasn’t enough to persuade you to buy one, its 25-year warranty should.

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